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  1. You DO NOT need a H-1B online lottery registration number!!
    • If you don’t have it
      • you can write: ‘I don’t know the exact number, but I was informed not being selected. I can show screenshots of the notification email from my employer.’
      • you will probably get an email from the lawyer asking you to provide some proofs
    • Proof: any email/screenshot from HR/Lawyer said you didn’t selected or still has submitted status would work
  2. Payment Page
    • When asked for the invoice or reference number, enter the name of our case: H-1B Lottery Litigation
  3. Since this lawsuit won’t be a class action (reason is in the FAQ), all personal remedy will most likely ONLY apply to plantiffs.
  4. If you have any addtional questions, please follow our attorneies’ Twitter and ask them during their YouTube live.

Lawsuit Plan